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This House Is Clean! Humphreys Pest Control Just Finished Up…

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Just after I started my Roxiticus Desperate Housewives blog in August 2005, my husband Rex discovered the most hideous nest attached to one of the dormers in our lovely home. We stared in horror and wondered what lives there….wasps? hornets? Voldemort? Anyone wanna make a guess as to what sort of scary creature builds such a thing?

Luckily, we found Humphrey’s Insect and Pest Control in our local phone book, and the Terminator was on his way….turns out the hideous nest was a wasps’ nest, and that it probably took them a few days or a week to build themselves this lovely home upon my lovely home. Our Humphreys Terminator treated it with toxins for the Queen and her worker wasps to share, and came back to remove the nest in 2 weeks for an extra $30 since it didn’t dissolve or fall down on its own. I don’t envy him his job…he suggested that “it is hard to strategize when you’re on a ladder” and he might need some ice for when (not if??) he gets stung.

A few months later, we enlisted the brave guys from Humphreys again when we feared termites on our front porch.  We were lucky.  The perpetrators were “only” carpenter ants and Humphreys made them go away, but recommended a quarterly service that we’ve used ever since.  They’ve terminated a scary flock of cicada killers in London and Maddie’s backyard sand pit playground, as well as making the furry wintry visitors vanish from our basement before I scream.

Humphey’s Pest and Insect Control, 267 Main Avenue, Stirling, NJ.  Phone:  (908) 647-2200 or (800) 272-1336.


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